Current Showreel

Afghanistan: The Australian Story
Exciting and compelling

Cadbury Marvellous Creations
An irresistible original song

CommBank CommGrants
Joyous & humanistic

A League: What is Beautiful
Epic tribute to soccer

Cadillac ATSL
Fresh pop riff

OPSM Be Yourself
Snappy, happy & hooky

BPM Elegant Hedonism
Dark & sensuous

Levi’s Ballet: Jeans that stretch
Award winning 2min dance film

Vauxhall Insignia
Beautifully scored beast

NAB Squeeze
Cute flute + beats

BigW Toy Domination
Totally villainous underscore

Sydney Theatre Company
Quirky music irreverent sound

Triumph For The Ride

BigW Toys In Space
Dastardly theremin mania

St George Slippers
Cheeky conga, drums & guitar

My Kitchen Rules Big spot
Exuberant season launch

Thomson IP Missing Sock
Delightfully plucky & kooky

Hachette: Stories That Move You
Sweeping musical dominoes

The Star Sydney Brand Music
Upbeat and seductive

CSIRO Infinity
Interactive electro installation

Peroni Passaggio
Flirtatious soundtracks

Toshiba LED Grand Central
Sultry sax & NY brass choir

Target Greatest Toy Sale
Rambunctious orchestral chase

Virgin Money Flyer Card
New Orleans stomp

Country Energy Cindy
Delicate & emotive

A Runner from Road Train
Haunting vocal

Kit Kat Chunga
Funky wah-wah

AGDA The Journey
Beautiful sound design

NIB Modern World
Hooky bass

Singapore Airlines Jazzy
Smokey jazz vocal

Wide world of rock

BigPond Big Things
They've been everywhere

Tooheys Openers
Spaghetti guitar

BigPond Trawler
Epic score whistling ditty

Tip Top School Play
Cute kids singing

Qantas Dream Time
Blissful vocal, didge & piano

De Beers Diamond Line
Glistening vocal

SBS Midnight Trolleys
Funky groove flamenco

X Factor Launch
Carmina Burana pumped remix

Tenneco Financial News
Clarinet drum and bass

Computer Associates

EON Energy
High power sports