Composer Reel

Afghanistan: The Australian Story
Exciting and compelling

Haunting vocal & oil drums

MOTHER – The Gun
Brooding electronic score

MOTHER – The Body
Rythmic strings, dark tones

MOTHER – Redemption
Spine-tingling vocal & cello

LEVI’S BALLET – 2 min dance film
Beautiful & contemporary

THE REEF – Sailing
Soaring carefree strings

THE REEF – Diving
Lush spacious orchestral

THE REEF – Capsize
Shrieking terror strings & brass

THE REEF – Leaving the boat
Delicately forlorn strings

THE REEF – Race to the rock
Intense attack orchestral

BLACK WATER – Gone fishing
Warm dobro & cello

BLACK WATER – First Attack
Nail biting tension

BLACK WATER – In the swamp
Eerie & suspenseful

BLACK WATER – Survival
Plaintive guitar & cello

ROAD TRAIN – Butch Nina
Huge rolling rock score

ROAD TRAIN – Evil Forrest
Percussive terrifying chase

Outback electro soundscape